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Das Projekt Futurehomestories des Clusters Integrierte Forschung präsentiert seine Methoden und Zwischenergebnisse auf dem Informatik Festival 2023 in Berlin. Am 29. September von 10-17 Uhr spricht Alexa Becker über Co-Design-Ansätze, um alternative Smart Homes zu entwickeln, die über den Fokus auf Energieeinsparung und Effizienz hinaus gehen und die individuellen Bedürfnisse zukünftiger Bewohner ins Zentrum rücken. Informationen und Anmeldung hier.

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Usually the smart home imaginaries portray nuclear families living in detached houses with a focus on efficiency and energy. In this workshop, we follow the co-design approach to imagine alternative future homes beyond this stereotype. First, we brainstorm the concept of home addressing idiosyncratic needs and expectations. Second, we try three co-design tool adaptations in small groups, which allow us to collaboratively imagine speculative futures. LittleBoxes is a cultural probe variation with which participants can configure a speculative future by using inspirational and technological materials. The Tiles IoT Inventor Toolkit adaptation helps to tell detailed stories of how to possibly live with technology in the future. With the IoT Service Kit adaption participants are able to build speculative home scenarios and playfully explore imaginary future technologies within them. There will be two rounds of co-designing, so every participant will explore two of the toolkits. In the last part, we will reflect on the experiences as well as discuss if and how participants would like to adapt the introduced tools beyond the workshop.

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More infos: https://www.sozphil.uni-leipzig.de/futurehomestories